Appointed Evil - The Son of Perdition, Philpott's most recent novel is about the Antichrist alive today, as reveled in the last book of the Holy Bible, Revelation.  The fiction thriller covers topics about the Devil, Evil Spirits, The Last Days, The End Times, and The Mark of The Beast, (666). Books of similar genre are: "The Late Great Planet Earth," by Hal Lindsey, "Chariots of the Gods," by Eric von Daniken, "Left Behind" series, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins and "Da Vinci Code," by Dan Brown. 



C H A R L E S  S I M E O N  P H I L P O T T



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Appointed Evil is a suspense thriller, based on biblical principles and prophecies, about The Son of Perdition, (The Antichrist,) now alive and soon to take his seat as the World Ruler. An account of his infinite power is eye witnessed by a team of twenty clergymen sent to validate his claim to be God.

After spending two weeks at his grandiose and surreal palace in Syria they conclude that he is in fact who he claims to be: ‘The Son of Satan and joint heir as God of this World!’

The book is a compilation of gospel truth and many different historical schools of philosophical thought, demonstrating power that goes far beyond the apex of normal reasoning.

The storyline draws the reader through a corridor of reality and a maze of surreal spiritual dimensions. Topics are broached that few scholars write about and hidden secrets that are rarely discovered outside the realm of followers of the dark side.

Descriptive passages draw vivid pictures of events generating waves of emotions while reverberating in an undercurrent of fear that lingers on in an invisible aura griping the senses long after the final page has been consumed.


        1876 White Bear A Cheyenne Dog Soldier is an exciting college of historical detail and riveting fiction. This mystery-thriller  carries the reader through the life of an enslaved young Indian boy who escapes his captors and methodically trains to become one of the most elite and feared Native American warriors: a Cheyenne dog soldier. White Bear deftly executes his revenge for the massacres of his father, mother, two sisters and family members at Sand Creek in Colorado and Washita River in Indian Territory (Oklahoma).   


Great News We’ve Sold The Company covers most aspects of getting employed, getting re-employed, or staying employed depending on your current and/or future status. 

The book begins with a section about Writing Effective Resumes that will get attention.  We have considered that a Resume may be read by a cold and heartless electronic scanner to a Resume that may be read by a cold and heartless Human Resources Representative, or, if you really luck out, a Human Resources Clerk

We have blended some of our real-life experiences, from the sublime to the outrageous, to inform, educate and provide support to anyone “clawing their way into or out of middle management.”  We included concepts as abstract as Equal Employment Opportunity, occasional Equal Employment Opportunity practices, interviewing and discharges.  We have even included questions that you may be asked and questions that you may want to ask during an interview.  We also discuss the concept used by very weak and inept management called “At-Will Employment.” 

                We discuss compensation, overtime, and some of the laws under FLSA that help regulate these areas.  We discuss some of the pitfalls of taking cash for work performed so you can “cheat the government” and how that practice will come back to eventually bite your buttocks leaving nasty scars.

We discuss the “culture” of some companies.  We have seen people hook their career wagons to others that seem to be rising above the din of the monotony and tedium of everyday corporate life and then begin to burn up when re-entering the earth’s atmosphere after their star begins to fall.

                We go where the faint of heart dare not go and talk about motivation.  We talk about what it is, who creates it, why, or vice versa.  We tell what some companies do to promote motivation within their own ranks whether or not it works.

It is said that the topics of politics, religion and sex within the corporation are to be avoided.  Moreover, you are not allowed to quote any lines from Seinfeld! We know that and we have some interesting views and experiences. 

We have included a number of stupid human tricks for your own reading enjoyment.  You could call it humor without uniforms, but we all wear a uniform whether is real material or just the thin veil of the corporate culture.  To paraphrase FDR, “The only thing some companies have to fear is hypocrisy itself.”

corporate life is pretty much the same regardless of the corporate name and logo under which you are employed.

You can spin off the ladder and land on your head or your feet.  You can get fired, and discover that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to you.  We discuss some of the angst that you may feel while “between jobs.”

                We discuss how to negotiate a severance package for yourself and what rights you will have to give up in order to get a deal that you like, or that you may not like.  Good or bad deal – it all depends on your circumstance and your status as a member of a protected class.

                We included a section about Unemployment Benefits & Unemployment Hearings and, worse case scenario, appealing a Disqualification of Unemployment Benefits.

                And finally, we discuss your life after corporate America has left you standing on the side of the highway of life with a cardboard box of your favorite possessions in one hand, scratching your head with the other, and wondering what the hell just happened.  The odds are that you did not do anything wrong, you just happened to be in the way of someone else.  You have options and you have activities to begin, so put your nose to the grindstone and brace yourself. Now is the time your resilience and bounce will be severely tested so stick out that hitchhiker’s thumb and get with the program – your own program.